The azienda covers an area over 6 hectars ,divided into several estates not far away from the principal one. The surfaces has olives trees as a main cultivation in plenty of it's varieties. Scattered on the grounds of the estates are a variety of fruits trees including apricot, fig, peach, tangerine, orange, plum and wild plum trees. The new olive cultivation blends in perfectly with those planted in the '40s and left along with the rest of the heritage by Bonfiglio father of the present owner Fabrizio.


According to an old italian saying,to live well, an olive tree needs the 5 indispensible "s": Solitude, silence, stones, sun and siccità (in other words dry weather). The secret of our oils is enclosed in this formula,in the warm mediterranean climate, in the limestone and clay soil of our estates facing south, off the beaten track,wrapped in the silence and the scent of the mediterranean macchia. The manuring ,trimming, the disinfectios sign the season up to harvest time. With the beginning of autumn comes the harvest, it's a tradition in the simple life of the azienda, an old ritual, now that there are many harvest techniques, but here we prefer to hold on the old traditions of the manual stripping. It's a slow strenuos method wich increments the final cost of the product up to 40% but has the merit of not ruining the trees and of maintaining the chemical and organoleptic characteristicsof the olive avoiding dents and bruises wich would reduce the final quality standard of the oil.

The harvest is a delicate process, if not properly carried out it can compromise the efforts of a whole year. We choose to do it during the first two weeks of October. A precocius harvest results in a better qaulity oil, less fat and easier to preserve. After having harvested enough olives to press/crush, after having cleaned them from the leaves, the olives are placed in baskets where they are constantly aired then quickly brought to the oil mill in eventual mould, it's important to reduce the times of the pre-pressing to a minimum.

The basic procedure is always the same, olives are pressed with the stone, then teh liquid part (oil and water) is separated from the solid part (peel, pulp, fragments, stone) and the end with decantation oil is divided from the water. The oil obtained is extra virgin oil, from first cold pressing. It has a warm golden colour, with only 1,5% acidity with an unmistakable scent that recalls that of the mediterranean macchia wich sottounds our olive groves.

To allow eventual vegetable residues to sediment ,the oil is left to rest for a few months in stainless stell basins wich guarantee hygene. ...Now at last it's ready to! 

If oil is a tradition of the azienda, honey wich we've been producing for over 18 years, has become a passion for the family. 

Our bees have at their disposition a variety of officinalis, aromatic and fruit plants along with garden flwers and others that we've planted to improve it's quality.

In addition to this, the hill surrounding the plain are covered in a variety of mediterranean shrubs, an abundant and inexaustable reserve for the bees wich in particular from January 'til June dispose of a bed of goarse, rosemary, lavander, cistus, wild strawberry and heather blossoms.

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